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NOTE:  When Sharon adds comments, they will be in {curly brackets}. Bob's comments, after Sharon's comments, will be in red.

Day 59. Monday, September 21, 2015. Bakersfield to Home, yes HOME!!

The path today is shown in the blue line below. {Yea!! No grey line!! I have no idea why that even matters to me. A quirk, I guess (of mine, not Bob's)}

6:45 and we hit the road, still on Highway 58. We go by a barber shop, and Sharon reads it, "Cali's Finest". The word 'Cali' reminds me of what some of Uncle Calvin's brothers (my uncles, brothers to my mother) called Calvin - yes, Cali. When he left Missouri and came to California, he became a Cali boy, and then Cali.

When we had our last meal with travel partner Nancy, at Babe's, that meal was fried chicken, mashed potatoes and corn. Sharon and Nancy are texting as I'm driving. It's our last day, our last drive. Nancy says, "Enjoy your last leg," and Sharon says, "I will enjoy my final leg because I have one more chicken drumstick left from Babe's!" Good one, Sharon.

We pass two unusual vehicles at the edge of orchards. They are very dusty, and have the look of a dart - something designed to break the sound barrier. A hinged top is peaked at the top and goes at sharp angles down. Very hard to describe something you've never seen before. Also, kind of like a recumbent bicycle with a shell frame, only it had four wheels. Very dusty. Later Sharon sees another one pulling two trailers or machines behind, one behind the next. {I think they were "shaker" machines that we saw working once on Uncle Calvin's plum orchard. They would drive the machine up to a tree loaded with ripe plums, a pincer would extend out, wrap around the tree trunk and then it would shake the tree and the plums would all fall down into a conveyer belt and into boxes. These machine we see here are in almond orchards so they might be here to harvest the almonds the same way. Not sure but logical.}

About 10 am and the California Aqueduct is on our right, on Highway 5, at a Vista Point. I chuckle and Sharon asks what's funny, and I say the 'vista' from here is all that flat San Joaquin valley acreage. She says she thinks it's to see the aqueduct, an amazing site it is, and the pumping station. So that sounds right. Sharon says, "Look, the water's a lighter color on the far edge," and she's right. But then she asks, "what do I think would cause that?". I dunno.

We zip past Exit 391, Los Banos, Mercy Springs. Holy Moly, I slept through most of the valley I think. We estimate that Sharon has driven 4000 miles and probably more. {not just today, for the whole trip. } Heh heh. Funny. Sharon: "We should have been tracking that."

Like I don't have enough to track!

So it's 13 miles to the Highway 152 turnoff, then one hour to home. Woohoo.

I just figured out the days we traveled, Sharon probably drove an avg of 3 hours, sometimes 5, and out of 7, sometimes 2, but 3 is ballpark average. Whole trip 14,000 miles, so she did 3/7 ballpark, that’s 6.000 miles, so while I slept in back or shotgun seat, (mostly slept in back except for California, or after we left Nancy). I got some good sleeping time around North America. I slept through some of the best parts of North America you could imagine. That's thanks to the complete confidence I have in Sharon's driving ability with the fifth wheel rig. Complete.

We refuel one last time at $3.299 at the Chevron station by the highway 33 intersection with 152.

I take special note of the signs one normally ignores.

We have traded places, so I turn the final corner a tick after noon. The odometer, one last time, is 38055.

Back Home Again. So Nice to Leave. So Nice to Return.

There is no vehicle in neighbor John's house directly across the street, so I'm able to pull entirely into his driveway, get the truck and trailer straight with each other, then I back straight back into position on the far right side of our driveway, to give Sharon room to pull the Volvo in and out of the garage, where it sleeps every night. And we are back, as we point out.

Congratulations, and What Were You Thinking, if you read every report? If you didn't, even more Congratulations

There will be a few more coming in the next few weeks, though I've said that at the end of similar trips, and never issued another word or photo. We'll see.

My plans are to review all the video footage, and put up the best ones. So if that happens, you'll get those links too.

Take care and thanks again.

Began: A Country RV Park, Bakersfield, CA
Pass Through: Lost Hills, Avenal, Los Banos, California
End: Home, San Jose, California
Miles Today: 244
Miles for Trip: 12,674

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