AmeriCanada 2015


Report 61. Entire 59-Day Trip Mapped into Six Regions - Each Region's Highlights indicated in Red

NOTE: The time and distance estimates are by Google Maps.


Region 1. San Jose to Pipestone Lodge in Ontario, Canada, 30 miles across the border, north of International Falls, Minnesota. Saturday 7/25 to mid-day Friday, 8/7/2015.


Region 2. Pipestone Fishing Lodge, Pipestone Lake, Ontario, Canada to Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Mid-day Friday August 7 through Saturday August 15, 2015.


Region 3. Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada to Northern Tip of Newfoundland. Sunday August 16 through Monday August 24, 2015.


Region 4. Northern Tip of Newfoundland, Canada to Tip of Long Island, New York, then to Nephew's Home . Tuesday August 25 through Thursday September 3, 2015.


Region 5. Nephew Eric Grimm, Wife Cindy and Son Sam's Home in Huntington, New York to Pensacola Beach RV Resort, in Pensacola, Florida. Friday September 4 through Thursday September 10, 2015.


Region 6. Pensacola Florida, Across the Southern US to Home in San Jose, California. September 5 through September 21, 2015.

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