AmeriCanada 2015


Report 64. Best Trip Photos (Bob's Choices)

[Photos with Bob's Canon EOS 7D Mark II camera, with Canon EFS 18-135 zoom lens unless otherwise noted.]

NOTE: The photos below are in chronological order.


Scene from sister Shirley and husband Jerry's friend, Ed Carlson's Farm six miles from Emo, Ontario, Canada. Late afternoon, Friday, July 31.


The first fish (Baby Northern Pike) caught on our trip, from the dock, in the waning daylight hours of our arrival day, Saturday, August 1. Note that it was 'snagged', not caught in the conventional sense. So there is an asterisk on this first fish 'caught.'


The first morning out, the first boat out, waiting for the other boat (sister Shirley, her husband Jerry, and daughter Tane), as we prepare to travel 'in caravan'. [Photo by Sharon on her iPhone 5s.]


We left Sharon's Uncle Terry's house before sunup, arriving at Crex Meadows, near Grantsburg, Wisconsin just at sunrise. Monday, August 10. [Sharon's iPhone 5s]


Cloud backlit by setting sun, over freeway cloverleaf, returning from a day on the American side of Niagara Falls to our RV Park on the Canadian side. Saturday August 15.


Canada loves these oversized Adirondack Chairs. We saw them all over Canada. My two pals and I are enjoying this one at our Nova Scotia, Arms of Gold RV park, just before we set off for the ferry that would take us from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland. Saturday August 22. [Sharon's iPhone 5s]


Spectacular sunset lighting across the road from our dinner restaurant, Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland, Sunday August 23.


"In-Character" man, speaking on life in the Viking Village, existing 500 years before Columbus discovered America, at L'Ans-aux-Meadows, on the northern tip of Newfoundland. Monday August 24.


Sharon, emerging from the doorway of a reconstructed Viking building, from L'ans-aux-Meadows. Monday August 24.


Sign on Men's restroom door at a petrol station near our return ferry ride entry point in southern Newfoundland, Tuesday August 25. There was a similar one on the women's, where the figure had a skirt. [Bob's iPhone 6 Plus]


Three rubber boats returning from cavorting in the rising tidal bore, Shubenackadie (say shoo-buh-NACK-uh-dee, real bouncy-like) River, South Maitland, Nova Scotia. Taken from the Observation Deck at the Tidal Observation Center, Thursday, August 27.


Acadia National Park, Mt. Desert Island, Maine, the end of an old fence near Sand Beach. August 29.


Girl jumping to avoid the incoming tide, Sand Beach, Acadia National Park, Mt. Desert Island, Maine. August 29.


Looking straight down on a dandelion in the sun, while all the background is in the shade, Otter Point, Acadia National Park, Mt. Desert Island, Maine. August 29.


On the steps going down to the rocky, boulders actually, beach near Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse. Mt. Desert Island, Maine, August 29. Photo taken on my Canon by a vacationing firefighter.


Bee on a flower, Vanderbilt Mansion garden, Hyde Park, New York, on a bluff overlooking the Hudson River. September 1


Overhead shade structure reflection with small ripple, Vanderbilt Mansion garden, Hyde Park, New York. September 1


Belvedere Castle, Central Park, midtown Manhattan, New York City. Friday September 4.


Statue of Liberty from a Staten Island Ferry, New York City. Friday September 4.


New York City's Freedom Tower, from New Jersey highway. Saturday September 5.


The Washington DC Capitol Building, encased in scaffolding. Sunday September 6.


Pileated Woodpecker, hilltop backyard of brother George and wife Loretta's backyard, near Asheboro, North Carolina, Monday September 7.


Clever, funny sign and photogenic sign carrier, the French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana. Saturday September 12


Like a car dealer's cars-for-sale lot, only a giant-cranes-for-sale lot. Roanoke, Texas, northwest of Dallas. Tuesday September 15.


Black vulture, Pecan Plantation gated community near Granbury, Texas. Hiking trail near private RV Park, Wednesday September 16

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