AmeriCanada 2015.

Report 65. Best Bird Photos


Canada Geese. Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone River.


Bald Eagle. Yellowstone National Park. Three Ravens are just out of the picture, perched above the eagle. They were biting off bits of greenery and using their beak, throwing them down at the eagle.


Western Kingbird. Bismarck, ND. Bismarck KOA RV Park, Tree Adjacent to our RV. Shot with 400mm Lens.


Unidentified Gulls on Pipestone Lake, Ontario, Canada, about 25 miles from Emo, Ontario. Every morning a Pipestone Lodge worker takes yesterday's food scraps across the lake to a big rocky point, dumps the food there, and the gulls and other birds, including a Bald Eagle, have it for a nice little snack.


Northern Loon Family, including two brown chicks. Pipestone Lake, Ontario, Canada.


Bald Eagle, Overflying the food scrap rocks mentioned two photos above.


Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker. Webster Wisconsin, at Sharon's Uncle Terry's home, who has lots of bird feeders.


Downy Woodpecker in Flight. Webster, Wisconsin, at Sharon's Uncle Terry's home. Just lifted off from suet block.


Black-billed Cuckoo. Life Bird #2645 (a life bird is one we've never seen before - our goal is 3000 of the 10,000 species in the world). Crex Meadows State Park, near Grantsburg, Wisconsin.


Blue Jay, Webster, Wisconsin, Sharon's Uncle Terry's home, perched on clothesline wire holding three or four different feecers.


Barred Owl. Woods outside Gilman, Wisconsin, at home of friend Nancy's cousin, Butch.


Pair of Northern Gannets, extremely zoomed, flying beside (actually passing) our ferry from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland.


Black-crowned Night-heron, near Belvedere Castle, Central Park, Manhattan, New York City.


Pileated Woodpecker, home of Bob's brother George and wife Loretta, perched on their hilltop home near Asheboro, North Carolina.


Black Vulture, overflying our private RV Park in the gated community called Pecan Plantation, near Granbury, Texas.


Huge flock of vultures too far away to identify (probably all Turkey Vultures), gathering prior to perching on their night roost in woods next to our RV Park in Clovis, New Mexico.


Sharon facing down a Harris' Hawk, French River Trading Post, French River (the town), Ontario, Canada


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